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Cargo Management Services


Quadrant Pacific employs experienced Cargo Superintendents with particular experience in the loading of bulk cargoes, mainly in the forest products area.


Our staff working closely with stevedores and vessel operators, and owners to ensure cargo / vessel optimisation as well as fast and effective cargo exchange.


Having an experienced supercargo with forest product experience dedicated to your business can provide an advantage over competitors in terms of maximising loading. This provides financial gain in terms of more volume and lessened freight costs or greater revenue and also benefits to your customers in terms of additional volume loaded.


Our supercargo can provide the following benefits:


  • Salinity testing of the water at loading ports

  • Regular Draft Surveys without having to pay for surveyors

  • Loading cargo to ensure discharging time is not compromised

  • Driving stevedores in terms of start/completion times to maximise hours in departing ports

  • Ability to deal competently with masters of chartered vessels in terms of stability and deck cargo lashings used.

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