Queensland Fruit Fly

MPI Plant exports will be releasing information about the extra checks that need to be undertaken for phytosanitary certificates. This will be needed for traceability purposes.

Product travelling through the B zone to the Port of Auckland pest proofing will need to be used and this information will be part of the verification process.

Original photo by Malcolm Tattersall

MPI has received a lot of information about grower, packing coolstore and freight forwarders addresses – thanks. This is being cleaned up – e.g. some addresses contain PO BOX addresses and it is being placed on the GIS mapping system so that all sites can be accurately located. They may need to contact you for addresses that do not contain useable information

If you have doubts you should use

  • the link through to the Queensland Fruit Fly page on the MPI web site see the bottom of the email below , and/or

  • contact one of the Independent verification authorities Asure Quality or SGS.

Note for Information for horticultural exporters

MPI Plant Exports has updated and released the following documents on the MPI website:

  1. MPI Key messages/talking points for Exporters of potential host plant products dated 21/02/2015

  2. Insect proofing requirements and generic procedures for potential fruit fly host material transiting the export restriction zone dated 21/02/2015

A map of the export restriction zone can also be found on the MPI website.

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