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Have your say on new rules for importers and manufacturers

The Environmental Protection Authority is inviting submissions on new rules that would require everyone who makes or imports a hazardous substance to supply basic contact information.The proposed new rules are part of a wider plan to improve the regulation of hazardous substances in New Zealand. Manufacturers and Importers are invited to share their views on this idea by making a submission. What is being proposed? Under the proposed new rules, anyone who makes or imports products that are considered 'hazardous substances' would need to supply their business name and contact details. While all hazardous substances manufactured or imported in or into New Zealand require approval, often importers and manufacturers meet this requirements by "self assigning" to an existing approval or group standard. The information requirements proposed in this new EPA notice will help the EPA better understand who is involved in the trade of hazardous substances in New Zealand. Over time, this and other information may be used to help people understand and follow the rules for hazardous substances, which are designed to protect people and the environment from harm. Who would the new rules cover? You may not realise products you make or import are considered 'hazardous substances'. This is a legal term, and in general it covers products that contain ingredients that are:

  • Explosive

  • Flammable

  • Corrosive

  • Toxic

  • Ecotoxic (harmful to wildlife or the environment)

  • Oxidising agents (may cause or help other substances to burn)

Certain products are not covered by the law for hazardous substances, such as ready-to-eat food, medicines and many manufactured items. How can I make a submission? Anyone who wants to is welcome to make a submission. Just fill out the form provided, and email to: Submissions must be made by 28 April 2015.

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