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Tramper Shipping

Quadrant Pacific has been servicing the tramp market in New Zealand for over 15 years. Tramp shipping for those unaware, is irregular shipping with no set schedule. For example if you have vessel on a container trade, it will go ports A, B & C on a set regular basis. For tramp, this is not the case, it may go C on one voyage and then B & A on the next.

New Zealand has many tramp commodities in both import and export ie. coal, fertiliser, logs, clinker, steel, timber, project cargoes and many others. Every commodity has different requirements from the agent in terms of reporting and functionality. Only an experienced agency company can provide you the best service to protect your interests as a ship owner, operator or charterer.

Accuracy and timeliness are essential parts of any good agency function, however, for tramper it is specifically important due to contractual obligations for the principal ie. laytime calculations. A laytime calculation is a start and finish point agreed by both the charterer and owner/operator to determine who pays for what time has been used, and is agreed before the charter commences (at the fixture stage).

For testimonials from some of our customers, please refer to the Tramper Agency section on our website:!tramper-shipping/cur0

For an experienced agent, contact Quadrant Pacific on the following details:


Level 2, 138 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui

Phone: +64-7-575 5155

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