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Supercargo services

The primary role of a supercargo is to ensure a vessel has taken maximum cargo and is loaded full and complete to the appropriate load line. A supercargo must achieve this within the vessel’s stability requirements and ensure that arrival and departure conditions are met for safe passage. Vessel operators’ and charterers’ will engage in the services of a supercargo to ensure their vessel is loaded to its capacity in order to achieve increased revenue and reduced freight costs.

The role of a supercargo is specialised and requires experience in dealing with different cargo types, one of the most important roles of a supercargo is working closely with the ship’s Chief Officer and Captain; gaining their trust and confidence in order to ensure vessels optimum stowage is achieved.

At Quadrant Pacific our supercargo team conduct regularly draft surveys which tracks and plots the weight factor throughout loading to establish the projected cargo uplift. We assist Captain and crew with deck cargo lashings and also work closely with stevedores to ensure there are no unnecessary delays to start and finish times.

For all you super cargo requirements contact

Quadrant Pacific Ltd on the following details:


Level 2, 138 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui

Phone: +64-7-575 5155

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