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Change to import requirements and introduction of a Low Risk Wood

Having undertaken an examination of inspection records relating to manufactured wooden products and the risk mitigation applied to different types of products in this range, MPI is pleased to be able to advise of some key advances in the way we will be looking to support our customers with immediate effect.

The main changes in this revised approach are:

1. The introduction of a list of product types where reduced risk mitigation is required; and

2. The removal of the requirement to inspect wooden items on arrival if they have been treated (either offshore or on-arrival).

In brief, the following approach to manufactured wooden products will be amended as follows:

The list of what will now be categorised as Low Risk Wooden Products, within this approach can be found on the MPI website at…

MPI multi-use Permit numbers can also be used with selected classes of low risk products as per the Master list at the same site.

MPI remains committed to protecting and growing New Zealand and will continue to monitor these changes to ensure our borders remain fully protected from Biosecurity risks. We appreciate your input and support in driving and monitoring this protection and the improvements to our service. Please feel free to contact the team if risks or issues are identified.

Import requirements for manufactured wooden products are found in the MPI Import Health Standard “Woodware from all Countries”.

Jim McLaggan

Manager Target Evaluation Team

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