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New legal obligation as an importer and manufacturer of hazardous substances

Important - Your new legal obligation as an importer and manufacturer of hazardous substances If you import or manufacture hazardous substances for sale or commercial use, the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) , will need to hear from you soon. New rules coming into effect on 19 November 2015 that will require importers or manufacturers of hazardous substances to provide their contact information to the Environmental Protection Authority. Your details must be provided to us within 30 days of the first time you import or manufacture a hazardous substance. If you have been an importer and manufacturer for some time we will still need your details. The EPA are happy to receive your contact details from 19 November. This information only needs to be provided to them once. However, if your contact details change you will need to let them know. They will email again shortly with a link to their site where you can register your contact details. Please note, if you are importing hazardous substances for personal use only, you do not need to supply this information. This new rule has been made through an EPA notice, which is a new legal tool, like a regulation, for setting rules for hazardous substances. The notice was gazetted on 22 October 2015 and takes effect on 19 November 2015. The notice was made after seeking feedback from industry and the wider public. You can read it, and learn more about the process they followed to create it, on the EPA website

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