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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug update from MPI

BMSB Border Interventions- up and coming 2016 -17 season NOTIFICATION

From mid-September 2016- April 2017, MPI will increase targeted interventions for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs on FCL containers from:

Designated Ports in the USA and Italy.

MPI will only increase intervention according to risk information as opposed to a blanket approach on all areas at the start of the season, targeted intervention will be used throughout the season to ensure minimal disruption whilst ensuring optimum biosecurity protection. Accordingly, impacted areas may be adjusted by MPI at short notice according to changing risk. MPI will endeavour to keep you informed of any updates.

Brown Marmorated Stinkbug measures remain in place under the existing Import Health Standard requirements for vehicles, machinery and Tyres, in addition to the new measures in the Import Health Standard around new and used machinery ex USA and associated fumigation requirements.

What is BMSB?

Fact Sheet: is available to keep your staff and stakeholders aware of the potential impact of this high risk hitchhiker threat.

Due to the targeted approach to the BMSB threat and some particularly strong input, support and cooperation from our stakeholders. The 2015/16 BMSB season was extremely successful with interceptions managed at the border. With your continued support we can make the 2016/17 season equally successful. Early lodgement submissions and accurate early document submission will minimise any potential disruption to your business.

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