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MV Aotearoa Chief

The China Navigation Company (CNCo), the deep sea ship owning and operating arm of the multi-national Swire Group, are proud to introduce the innovative, purpose built bulk cement carrier, MV Aotearoa Chief, the first of its kind in the CNCo fleet and contracted to Fletcher Concrete and Infrastructure Ltd division, Golden Bay Cement, to operate on the New Zealand coast.

Designed as ‘best in class’ the vessels propulsion system is environmentally friendly with optimised energy efficiency design (EEDI), advanced flexible fuel injection system leading to efficient fuel consumption and low emissions.

Equipped with advanced navigational systems, leading edge technology and control systems for vessel and cargo handling operations. Latest safety and navigational safety aids meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

The vessel will make over 80 voyages each year from Portland, near Whangarei to ports around New Zealand.

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