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Change to entry rule for exporting to China – 1 October 2016

A change to the Customs Export Entry Rules (1997) will come into effect from 1 October 2016.

Where tariff preference is being requested under the China – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, exporters will need to enter Certificate of Origin (COO) numbers in the entry declaration.

Requirements The change will require COO numbers to be entered under ‘Other Information’ in the entry header field, with the code ‘COO’ and the certificate number without the full stops (e.g. ‘COO’ – ‘12123412345’).

If the COO number cannot be obtained before lodging the entry, the entry will need to be amended to reflect the correct information after the Customs Export Delivery Order is generated.

Reasons This aims to streamline legitimate trade into China by making all relevant information available to the General Administration of China Customs (GACC) at the time of export.

This means any documentation queries raised upon importation can be actioned from one source quickly and accurately – reducing the risk of delays for clearance of goods in China.

Feedback Customs wants to identify any potential challenges early, so send your feedback to with the subject “Export Entry Rules” by Friday July 29 2016.

After this date, you will be provided an update in a forthcoming Customs Release.

Notes: Brokers and declarants will need to check that their entry lodgement system is able to accept the new code.

It is expected that the process will become applicable for exports to all FTA partner countries in the near future.

This process does not replace the requirement for COOs to be presented to GACC for NZ origin preference. Rather, it provides another layer of assurance.

This change is a requirement for NZ Customs, and is not a result of the Joint Electronic Verification System (JEVS), which is being developed in conjunction with GACC. In that case, export entry data is stored by NZ Customs, whereas information within the COO provided by the authorised issuing body will be ‘pushed’ to China Customs via JEVS in future.

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