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NZ Biofouling Regulatory updates

New Zealand has introduced tougher Biofouling requirements (as at 01st May 2018), for all vessels entering NZ Waters

There are two categories of vessels entering NZ, namely short stay (up to 20 days) and long stay (21 days and over) for which requirements are different.

To be able to meet the new clean hull requirements one of the following (and having documentation to prove it) will have to be done:

  • Cleaning the vessel hull less than 30 days before arrival in New Zealand or within 24 hours of arrival (you must have proof of a cleaning facility being booked within 24 hours of arrival).

  • Doing continual maintenance.

  • Applying MPI-approved treatments to the hull.

Atttached are the various links to the MPI website regarding requirements for vessels entering NZ waters.

2a. Craft risk management standard for biofouling

2b. Craft risk management standard - frequently asked questions

2c. Draft guidance document for the CRMS

2d. IMO's biofouling guidelines

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